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Are You Ignoring Social Media For Traditional SEO Practices?


If you have been running your business under the impression that there is only one search engine (and a few others) that you have to focus on when building your small business SEO strategy, you are wrong. Social media channels that your business uses currently can also be used as search engines. Several small business SEO services in Chicago focus on not just Google and Bing but Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well. Many businesses are considering SEO Chicago services as they have realized that social is the new SEO. While the tradition is not of totally abandoning the conventional search engines but also giving due attention to social media channels that have made users observe the various other purposes that such platforms serve.

How Your Small Business SEO Stands To Gain With Social Media Inclusion

If your business is active on Twitter, it is very easy for people to discover your company and the various products and services that you have to offer. You can create a different handle for all your content-related and marketing-related tweets which can then be linked to your main account that is under the name of your business. If someone wants to check out your company, they can easily click on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The kind of presence that you have on these social media channels is going to impact your overall SEO and online presence. The one thing that you might have to take care of on a regular basis is to get all the duplicate accounts in your name and in that of your business’s deleted by sending out a request to the platform.

What Do The Current Social Media And Google SEO Trends Have To Say?

Small businesses in Chicago have finally understood the process of new age SEO. They know that they want to be visible on the first page of Google search results and those of any other search engines as well. Just keeping abreast of the changes in ranking factors is not going to help. They should also know how to keep themselves updated when it comes to using social media channels efficiently and directing all the organic traffic to their official websites without losing any leads. Social media SEO trends are what you make them to be. This is the biggest advantage of these channels because you get to be the trendsetter. You don't have to follow any stringent rules or algorithms laid down by Google or any other search engine. You can be the influence and the influencer all by yourself. You can lead your audience to your sales funnel by just putting a bit more effort and being a little clever with your approach. Remember, the SEO techniques that you are using on your homepage can be modulated to suit your social media profile as well. So do this and enjoy the attention you get.


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