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SEO Chicago

3 Tips For Increasing Conversion Rate

Organic leads are very important for any business. While many businesses are still relying on the pay per click method, they are also suffering from a low conversion rate. Even after Investing thousands of dollars, no one can raise the conversion rate using the PPC method. However, the ticket size also matters. For example, if the Website is selling affordable products like books then the conversion rate may be high. But if the company is selling travel packages of millions then the conversion rate us low.

Organic leads are very important for ranking the business on the first page. Here, only Chicago SEO helps in generating organic traffic. However, SEO Chicago has multiple components like a tree structure. For example technical SEO (improving loading time, Website structure), social media marketing, Google marketing etc. B2b SEO agency Professionals are expert in running the campaigns for organic leads. Below are 3 tips to improve traffic and conversion rate:

  • SEO Friendly Design: SEO friendly design is important for optimizing the webpage and content. For example, while posting content (like high quality images and videos) it is important to use compression techniques. This way the size of a file is reduced by almost 15% - 20%. Accordingly, the loading speed is not affected much. There are many other ways of reducing the loading speed like writing optimized code and removing unnecessary features.

Small business SEO services focus on loading speed mainly. It is the first step which acts as foundation of the whole procedure.

  • Posting blogs: Regularly posting blogs helps in increasing the visiting time of users. For example when some users are reading the product descriptions then there is an increase in loading time. Now the content posted should be optimized too. Below are some ways to do this: 

  1. Writing main content on the top of blog: By describing the content of blog in one paragraph, bloggers can capture the interest of users. Accordingly, by creating small points and using images, they can force them passively to read the content.

  2. Use keywords: Using keywords is very important for ranking the content. They’re the queries searched by users. Accordingly, by choosing trending keywords, the reach of blogs is increased. Using hashtags is just another way of increasing the reach in similar way.

  • Mobile friendly: Making a website mobile friendly increases the traffic by approximately 50%. Nowadays, more than 50% of the users are using mobile phones, tablets for browsing Internet. That’s why Google is also going to make the mobile view mandatory for all the websites.

Conclusion: Chicago SEO agencies have different plans for ranking the websites. Their working methodology focuses on organic traffic and conversion rate. Businesses looking for customized SEO solutions can also contact them.


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